It delights me to acknowledge my deep gratitude and love to all my players who have shown up for training...I like to refer to them as my children-extended family.

It is thanks to each of them that I have the greatest job in the world- being a soccer coach.

I have always been deeply motivated by champions - outstanding achievement, especially in the face of adversity...and saddened by wasted potential. I spend my days trying to understand both.

Research lures you down uncharted paths, deep rabbit holes with each turn revealing something new.

Welcome to Soccer Mastermind

Soccer Happiness or Super Heroes

soccer hapiness

Do you ever stop and think… What makes a child happy? I ask this question before training. You can’t help but ask when you see happy, energetic kids followed by the sluggish –shoulders pressed to the ground- defeated children. We all want the same things for our kids… Health, success…to grow up to love and be loved…to chase down their dreams and punch the air in victory. Sitting high on the list…we want our children to be happy. Where do all the happy children come Continue Reading

Soccer Performance: Knowledge by Deception

Soccer World

We live in two worlds... One is our world. The world we experience firsthand. Our children, our friends, our suburb and the streets we grew up in...our world. When we break it down like that, our world is small...very small. Our world is composed of interactions...human contact...things we have seen with our own eyes. Things we have heard, felt or experienced. In this world... Anfield... Bernabeu and the Nou Camp...don’t exist...unless –of course- you’ve visited these Continue Reading

Soccer Drills: Gladiators

Football positions. Teamwork strategy

Soccer Drills for Kids The main objective of this drill is to protect the ball with your body and close ball control. It also teaches the players spacial awareness, timing and exposes them to one on one battles. Each players starts with a ball and dribbles around in a circular area. The players must protect their own ball while trying to kick the other players' balls out. Once a player loses possession of the ball, the player is eliminated and must sit outside the playing Continue Reading

Soccer Culture: Listen to your Heart

Soccer Advice

I hear it all the time... Parents demanding... Telling their children to be themselves... Don’t worry son...be your “SELF”. What is the SELF? Is there a real self within? Are we all born with a blank canvas waiting to be imprinted by culture, society and our parents? One of the greatest tug of wars between philosophy and psychologists- to some extent theologists- is that of SELF...who are we? If you talk to behaviourists and their school of thinking, they believe children Continue Reading

4 Soccer Myths That Lie Hidden In Your Coach

number of layers

In this post, I want to expose and highlight some potential myths that may undermine effective training. Not only undermine effective practice… But contribute significantly to the mass exodus that is kids soccer. Myth #1   Demonstrations are always effective in conveying information to the player…   Kids soccer is a funny beast... Especially when parents decide to coach the team…or their lucky enough to get someone with a little experience but makes up the difference Continue Reading

10,000 Hours to the Premier League

The best way to challenge the status quo, norm or even tradition is to gather the best scientists in the world…give them a hypothesis, myth or belief…and let them tear it apart with research, documented evidence and data. Lets get started… The best way to improve soccer performance is through the acquisition of soccer skills. A fair assessment would suggest that kids spend most of their time in training with the intention of improving technical skills. It would also be fair to conclude that Continue Reading

Soccer Drills: Musical Soccer Balls

Soccer Drills

Soccer Drills for Kids This soccer drill is a great way to warm up and develop a healthy appetite for competition. Set up a small circular zone where the players will need to dribble within. It's important for players to look up and maintain close ball control whilst trying to avoid their teammates. As players dribble amongst each other, place a flag approximately 20 metres away. On the whistle, players must leave their ball and sprint around the flag and back to their original ball. On Continue Reading