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Soccer Drills: Gladiators

Soccer Drills for Kids The main objective of this drill is to protect the ball with your body and close ball control. It also teaches the players spacial awareness, timing and exposes them to one on one battles. Each players starts with a ball and dribbles around in a circular area. The players must protect [...]

Soccer Culture

Soccer Culture: Listen to your Heart

I hear it all the time… Parents demanding… Telling their children to be themselves… Don’t worry son…be your “SELF”. What is the SELF? Is there a real self within? Are we all born with a blank canvas waiting to be imprinted by culture, society and our parents? One of the greatest tug of wars between [...]

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4 Soccer Myths That Lie Hidden In Your Coach

In this post, I want to expose and highlight some potential myths that may undermine effective training. Not only undermine effective practice… But contribute significantly to the mass exodus that is kids soccer. Myth #1   Demonstrations are always effective in conveying information to the player…   Kids soccer is a funny beast… Especially when [...]

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10,000 Hours to the Premier League

The best way to challenge the status quo, norm or even tradition is to gather the best scientists in the world…give them a hypothesis, myth or belief…and let them tear it apart with research, documented evidence and data. Lets get started… The best way to improve soccer performance is through the acquisition of soccer skills. [...]

Soccer Drills

Soccer Drills: Musical Soccer Balls

Soccer Drills for Kids This soccer drill is a great way to warm up and develop a healthy appetite for competition. Set up a small circular zone where the players will need to dribble within. It’s important for players to look up and maintain close ball control whilst trying to avoid their teammates. As players [...]



Aristotle, Kids Soccer and Happiness

Twenty three hundred years ago my friend… Aristotle… Concluded that, “More than anything else, men and women seek happiness”. Think about this… Every goal we pursue…whether fame, money or power…is pursued and valued only because we expect that it will make us happy. Much has changed since the Ancient times. Our understanding of the world [...]

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