It delights me to acknowledge my deep gratitude and love to all my players who have shown up for training...I like to refer to them as my children-extended family.

It is thanks to each of them that I have the greatest job in the world- being a soccer coach.

I have always been deeply motivated by champions - outstanding achievement, especially in the face of adversity...and saddened by wasted potential. I spend my days trying to understand both.

Research lures you down uncharted paths, deep rabbit holes with each turn revealing something new.

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David Beckham is arguably one of the most recognisable soccer players in the world. He played for Preston North End, Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy & Paris St Germain. He has 115 caps for his country in which he captained 59 of them. The most memorable goal Beckham scored was against Greece in 2001 to qualify for the World Cup. I’m guessing you’ve seen the goal… It was 2-1 to Greece in England…it was the last kick of the game. It was a free kick 30 yards Continue Reading

5 Keys to Coaching Kids Soccer

Coaching Kids Soccer

When most people think of coaching…especially great coaching, they probably think of the technical masters, intense personalities and the strong motivators. Although these descriptions are on the money, they tend to describe senior coaches that coach professionals. What most people tend to forget… Coaching kids is different then coaching adults…and the gap widens with young kids. As a coach, you must understand your players…you must show them you care and that you’re there to help Continue Reading

Soccer Drills for Kids Soccer

Soccer Drills for Kids Soccer

Soccer Drills for Kids Soccer: Defending the Hole Set Up Create a 10*10 square with cones placed 10m apart. Split the team evenly into 2 groups (Red vs Blue) Line up each team on the opposing sides facing the 10*10 grid which I will refer to as the "hole". Instructions Start of with one defender (Red) inside the hole. In the first sequence, the red player starts as the defender. The Blue player will start off as the attacking player. The Blue Player dribbles into the hole Continue Reading

Soccer Drills: Triangle Passing

kids soccer drills

Soccer Drills for Kids Set Up Create a triangle about 10 metres apart. You will need 2 balls per triangle and 3 players. The player working is in Blue Instructions Blue player asks for the ball from player 1. Working player (Blue) receives/controls the ball and must pass the ball back with his (R) foot. Then player 2 quickly passes the ball to the working (blue) player. Blue player must receive/control the ball and pass it back to player 2 using his (L) Continue Reading

The Death of Kids Soccer

kids soccer

After playing the game for over 30 years I can no longer watch scarcity and narcissism destroy our game… I’d say the one thing we- soccer parents- have in common is that we’re sick and tired of being afraid. Afraid that our children will get hurt… Afraid that our children will quit the game… Afraid that our children will not fit in… We’re also tired of world news and the global conversation (propaganda) that is programming us to FEAR and looking for individuals to blame. Forty Continue Reading

Soccer Drills for U8: One v One Battles

kids soccer drills

Soccer Drills for U8 The purpose of this drill is to allow players to develop their dribbling and defending techniques. As players develop and mature in ability, they should begin to realise that soccer is about one on one duals and beating your direct opponent. 1v1 Players on the red team are the attacking side and start with possession. The red player must try and dribble his opponent and stop the ball in between the cones. Players on the blue team need to defend- if they gain Continue Reading

The Search for Soccer Vitality

soccer motivation

A few quick questions to all soccer parents... How real are you? How much of your life do you pretend or make up? Are you living your life to express your authentic self? Are you chasing your own dreams and trying to reach your own potential? Have you ever stopped and wondered why your energy levels are always zapped and diminished? Version 2.0 As soccer parents we need to create the best possible version of ourselves so we can contribute and make a difference to our family and Continue Reading