Soccer: Choose Your Own Adventure

What does the world game mean to you?

Why do you play the game?

What do you mean?

What do I mean?

Surely you’ve answered these questions, haven’t you? Before you take part in the sport it’s a good idea to answer these questions.

If you’re determined to chase that elusive contract by all means, train hard, make the required sacrifices and commit to the game. If you’re looking for a great way to stay fit and active, great choice, have fun.

Most people will assume that keeping fit and healthy will definitely involve fun and laughter. Why would the same people conclude that chasing a professional contract would not? Could it be pressure, the competition or the cutthroat atmosphere that would crush any elements of fun? Maybe.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Soccer is a journey and not a destination. With every little stepping stone conquered unearths a new challenge, obstacle or goal. Why settle for a professional contract when you can conquer the world, win the Champions League and even lift the World Cup.

On the other hand, gathering with your friends to battle for bragging rights can be rewarding and a great opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip, the NASDAQ or the price of fish in China. The choice is yours and only limited by your imagination.

Soccer advice is useless and serves no purpose if you haven’t answered the following question,

Why do you play soccer?

Would you spend time reading a book written by a soccer conditioning coach if you’re looking for some fun in the sun? Would you even contemplate a sports psychologist for the local get together? Although most would probably need it for other unrelated issues, giggle.

Same principle applies in reverse. Half time at the local “get together” would probably entail the form guide and the results from Race 6, followed by a quick cigarette and a drink. Carbo loading is something you do when you’re at the pub and isn’t necessary amongst friends, unless it’s your shout.

The point is this, questions need to be answered. Don’t turn up to soccer and hope for things to happen. You must choose to become a soccer player. Whether that player is a full time professional or the captain of the local pub side, you must decide.

With decisions you can inevitable make the sacrifices, lifestyle choices and training schedules to meet your requirements. Don’t bother reading any soccer manual, book, magazine or training drills unless you’ve decided on the player you want to become.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Then why haven’t you decided yet?

“May the winds of destiny blow you to the stars.”

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  1. Tony Everett says:

    Love it! This is something I have been trying to get both my girls team to do, with out much success. In this world of fast paced action with many things to do, how do you get potential players to sit for a couple of minutes and contemplate what they are doing and why? In my experience something like this needs to be engaging, but there is nothing real engaging about sitting still for a couple of moments to contemplate. Any suggestions?


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