Youth Soccer and the Y2K Bug

It’s frustrating, it’s sad and it’s infuriating the way some soccer coaches become so manipulative. In their own delusional minds they believe kids, players, youngsters, whatever tickles your fancy are just pathetically stupid to spend their time, their efforts, life, career without their constant supervision.

So why does this happen?

Who gives these coaches the power of delusion?

Most of the coaching supervision, I like to call it interference comes from fear. Fear of losing their coaching position.

A bad, incompetent coach finds weaknesses in his players, tells them he can help and then promises to rectify these weaknesses as long as they listen and remain obedient.

Remember this, fear is a great inventor. As my girlfriend pointed out, the Y2K bug was a big flop. What really happened in the year 2000 to all the computers that clicked over to 00 digits?

Hmmmm, absolutely nothing!

Sometimes fear is fertilised by stupidity and that’s what some youth coaches suffer from, stupidity.

Any youth coach that utilises fear should consider a new hobby. Perhaps marbles and enough time to realise how brainless they really are.

“May the winds of destiny blow you to the stars.”

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  1. Robert Brown says:

    I like you reference to Y2K. I worked in the world of computers and I was of the same opinion as your girlfriend. Nothing would happen. I did take some work on some computer programs, but for the most part things went rather smoothly.

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