Soccer, Thinking and the Lost Ark

I was thinking about it, soccer that is. Then suddenly I started to think, maybe I shouldn’t think so much. Or maybe I should just let myself think some more.

So I thought about this.

What is the secret to soccer?

Does such a thing even exist?

Since the beginning of time, players have searched just about everywhere in hopes of unearthing the secret.

Today, most players are trying to find joy in something or someone outside of the game.

As players, we search in all the wrong places. The secret to soccer is so close, so obvious and often the last place we look. We search everywhere blindly but WITHIN

Almost everything that happens to you around the green pastures, good or bad, originates from your perception, your THOUGHTS.

The happiness, which brings lasting worth to you, is not the superficial happiness that is dependant on 3 points.

Forget about the past. Forget about yesterday’s victories and concentrate on NOW!

As you put your boots on and pull up your socks, remember this, thinking, talking and worrying about what you don’t want can never bring you what you DO want.

The way you think can either multiply or diminish your game.

Here’s a thought.

Could THINKING be soccer’s little lost ark?

“May the winds of destiny blow you to the stars.”

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  1. Howard Gray says:

    Nicely put, and something that could go beyond the pitch that is for sure

  2. Thomas says:

    Thanks Howard, always a pleasure when you stop by. How did the US treat you?


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