2011, Soccer and the End of the World

If you believe the cynics, “know it alls” or the negative people that walk this earth, the end of the world is near. Dooms day, alien invasions or the infamous Egyptian calendar that ends at 2012, ooh scary.

By the way, Happy New Year, a little late I know, but better late than never.

2011 is the year of…… fill in the gap; it’s your call.

Maybe this year,

Your neighbour will stop playing loud music in the middle of the night and the other side will stop jumping on the trampoline for hours. Boing, boing.

Will the grass be greener with the shift in the economy and will interest rates fall or rise? Will the light shine at the end of the tunnel and will you start to train with the required diet that always seems to start tomorrow?

Will you start to justify that gym membership that has found its home in your wallet right next to the library card that never gets used?

Will you finally admit it and subscribe to Love Based Soccer while loving the people that deserve it?

2010 has come and gone and it’s time to place the 2011 bucket in place. What will you put in it?

Personally, 2010 was an interesting year although I predicted a “very interesting year” and my girlfriend continually reminds me of this. (giggle)

But here’s a thought.

Somewhere in the soccer world, new contracts were signed, new coaches got certified, new clubs were formed, new boots were designed and new talent was discovered.

More importantly, just like the last standing gladiator after his exit from the arena, soccer continues to dominate and slay any other sporting code.

2011 is a new year, with new goals, hopes and dreams. As you make your way through 2011 make sure to always bring the elbow grease. But before I finish the first post of the year I would like to add this; something new, a rant.

I see it every day!

Professionals, coaches and managers preying on the weak.

Do this, buy this and blah, blah, blah.

Before I polish my own halo try this on for size. Next time you visit a training session, bookstore, Amazon or even a blog like mine (applause), ask yourself,

“Do I really need this?”

The Internet has a plethora of soccer information with the well disguised affiliate links. Are they looking to help or are they hustling for your loose change?


So the tip for 2011 is this, and my gift to you,

Do you really need this?

It’s a kick in the teeth sort of question, don’t you think? It protects you like a parent looking after you on the first day of school.

So before you open up your wallets or hearts, ask the question. “Do I really need this?”

Don’t get sucked into jargon or marketing hype that promises you or your child the world.  A perfect example of this is the term “aerobics”. Anyone know why this form of exercise is called aerobics?


Fitness “gurus” and instructors got together and schemed,

“If we’re going to charge $15 an hour we can’t call it jumping up and down.”

If you have doubts about a product, coach, person or sales pitch, think about the motives. What might their other incentives be for selling soccer to you?

Wishing you a Happy New Year and without further delay,

“May the winds of destiny blow you to the stars.”

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