10 Soccer Tips to Develop Team Work

Before the gang at home gets together to participate in any form of activity we huddle around closely and put our hands in the middle and yell, “Team Punishment”.

The gang consists of me, a young child at the tender age of 37, a 7 year old, 5 year old and a 6 month baby. Due to the lack of mobility of the new born, we huddle around my son who sheepishly looks up thinking, who are these mad people?

“Team Punishment” has been swiped from the UFC reality show where mountains of flesh and muscle compete for a six figure contract into the brutal world of cage fighting.

Understanding the importance of Team Work

The concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any team or in this case, family.

Everybody has heard following catch phrases,

TEAM- Together Everybody Achieves More

A champion team will always beat a team of champions.

Any good coach will talk about working as one and for each other. It’s common knowledge that a team of superstars will always lose to a champion team. Perfect examples of this is Real Madrid, Manchester city and to some extent Chelsea FC. All squads are comprised of the best players money can buy but the title always seems to elude them. Teamwork anyone?

10 Tips to Develop a Well Oiled Machine

Does your team have agreed-upon goals and is every player aware of their role/goals?

Do your soccer players openly encourage and support each other even in the face of defeat?

Is communication open between the players and the coaching staff?

Do players respect each other and care for one and other?

Is it every man for himself mentality or do players refer to themselves as “we”?

Is the whole squad committed to improving overall team performance?

Are individual contributions and sacrifices recognized and applauded? This includes players that sit on the bench or miss out on match day.

Has the overall team created a positive image of “one for all and all for one”?

Does each individual know his or her role within the unified team?

Does each player consider himself/herself a “Team Player”?

Teamwork ensures all players share common goals and have the same vision. The best teams in the world evolve by having a shared attitude that bonds them together no matter the score line or problem.

The beauty of teamwork is this, everybody becomes accountable. The combined efforts of a team will always outshine the contributions of an individual. Teamwork is the highest priority and must be monitored constantly.

Players must be dedicated to the team and be willing to act unselfishly. Teamwork allows resources, accountability and commitment to deal with any loose spanners in a constructive and positive manner.

So next time you hear the cries of “Team Punishment” echoing from my household, look out! We are ready and waiting for any loose spanners including the bemused looks of my girlfriend.

“May the winds of destiny blow you to the stars.”


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