Soccer Success and the Mosquito

What gets you hot under the collar when you’re around the green pastures?

Small, annoying things?


Lack of effort?

The sound of laughter?

We tend to discredit the small annoying things because our attention is on accomplishing the big things like finally finding that elusive manager waving the million dollar contract. It’s funny how so many parents have searched for him and come up short.

But can you really afford to discredit the small things?

Would you ignore sand in your shoes before running a marathon?

Would you ignore that mosquito bite that constantly itch’s?

Would you ignore the annoyed cries of your wife in the next bedroom?

Every time you make contact with something that annoys you or something that aggravates you, chances are you’re going to accept it.

What happens next?

Your acceptance leads towards resentment and the winds from your sails slowly but surely deflate and submerge under the frosty, cold waters.

Don’t worry it gets better.

Resentment usually leads to frustrations and helplessness and inevitably will have you waving the white flag and tearing shreds out of your child. Status quo anyone?

Here’s a little advice for all soccer parents.

Open your eyes!


Take note.

Really notice what’s rubbing you the wrong way when you watch your child play. When you deal with your annoyances or frustrations you don’t become a control freak or a dictator. You become the master of your reality (whether it’s right or wrong). You also become the catalyst for your child’s soccer success.

Forget about the big picture for one moment and concentrate on the NOW.

When you address the small stuff and get them right, you can finally get back to your witch hunt.

Next time you’re watching your child play take note of what’s annoying you. Make some mental notes and plan to eradicate them.

Would you allow the flies to settle on you on a hot summer’s day? Or would you quickly move your hands to get rid of those suckers?

Your child deserves a similar response, not acceptance.

Start today, fix the small stuff and the manager you desperately seek may appear before you.

“May the winds of destiny blow you to the stars.”

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