Youth Soccer and the Y2K Bug

Youth Soccer- Soccer Advice

It’s frustrating, it’s sad and it’s infuriating the way some soccer coaches become so manipulative. In their own delusional minds they believe kids, players, youngsters, whatever tickles your fancy are just pathetically stupid to spend their time, their efforts, life, career without their constant supervision. So why does this happen? Who gives these coaches the power of delusion? Most of the coaching supervision, I like to call it interference comes from fear. Fear of losing their coaching Continue Reading

Coaching Love Based Soccer

Coaching Soccer-Love Based Soccer

Nobody wants to listen to you. Let me repeat that. Nobody wants to listen to your shit. Trust me they would rather do a million other things before they succumb to your authority. Your potential players are so busy dealing with life that they haven’t got a spare second for you. They have just bought the latest computer game and all the talk at training is about level 5 and trying to save the princess. What’s your answer to the above? Like anything in life, soccer is a transaction. The young Continue Reading

Soccer Coaching: Turn That Frown Upside Down

Do you know what one of the most overlooked ingredients to successful coaching is? It’s the smile. You could be the worst technical coach on this planet, but if you manage to smile and make your players smile, then all is forgiven. Let’s back track a little. Do you notice anything about the word “smile” apart from the fact that it’s a five letter word? Say the word smile with a little enthusiasm. Did you notice anything? Did you notice the word smile brings and assumes the position of a Continue Reading

Soccer Tips: Running With The Ball

Once upon a time this skill was one of the most important components of soccer. However, in today's modern game with its intricate patterns and elaborate coaching schemes, there are few opportunities for long sprints with the ball without being chopped in half. Still, in certain circumstances, fast runs with the ball can give a team invaluable advantages. Let's admire Christiano Ronaldo for a while. The Manchester striker has supersonic speed and the safest ball control going around. He scores Continue Reading

Soccer Coaching Tips: Make Them An Offer They Can't Refuse

Calling yourself a soccer coach is easy enough. Trying to coach soccer is a different story. Adding your personal touch to a training session is simple enough. Trying to enforce it without pulling your hair out is another story. Do you have a coaching philosophy? Have you put pen to paper and actually developed your coaching philosophy? If you have, fantastic, great start. Are you upholding your coaching philosophy throughout the season? For those of you that asked, “what’s a coaching Continue Reading

Soccer Coaching-How To Coach Soccer In 3 Easy Steps

The bare necessities to coaching soccer is a pair of eyes and a mouth that speaks the same language as the players. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Soccer coaches need to interact with the players by observing and giving the required feedback. Observational skills and feedback are the most important skills any coach could have to improve the overall performance of the team. The best opportunities to provide feedback to players is during training, before a match, half time, after a game and to Continue Reading

Warning To All Soccer Coaches-If You Can't Diagnose, Don't Prescribe.

Lets paint the picture and build up the scenario first. Imagine you have been having trouble with some aspect of your game. You decide to confront your soccer coach and ask him for some advice and help. After briefly listening to you, he offers to help and gives you advice. "You must train harder and run longer distances to improve your fitness", he orders. "When I was your age I could run all day and i was the fittest player in my team", he claims. Your Soccer coach with all the best intentions Continue Reading