Soccer Case Study: The Health Benefits Of A Soccer Ball

Gather around folks for another post on the benefits of soccer. The latest study took place in Denmark. Scientists have concluded that Adults who regularly kick around a soccer ball with friends have better heart and bone health. The life of a soccer mom is hardly glamorous and usually involves carpooling kids to games and supervising them. But here’s some good news for all the soccer mums around the world. Hot of the press, women who join in the fun and kick around a soccer ball can Continue Reading

Football, Passports And The Fountain Of Youth

If you listen to the rumours and the bloggers from Nigeria, don’t worry; I do not need your banking details to put millions in your bank account for a small fee, giggle, believe something fishy is happening to Nigerian Soccer. If you had the pleasure of watching some of the African Cup, you couldn’t help but notice that Nigeria, the once power house of African Football looked slow, timid and to be honest, they looked old. So what could be the problem? Nigeria was labelled the sleeping giant and Continue Reading