Soccer Kids, Show Me What You've Got

Soccer Motivation-Soccer Kids

Defenders kicking at your ankles, elbows snapping back in your face. The grass resembles a battlefield and awaits your defeat. You take a deep breath, more like a sigh than an attempt to breathe. But you move forward, teeth clenched, one step at a time. You keep persisting and your instincts take over. The knees are shot, elbows grazed, but the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has finally appeared. Just like you knew it would! Are you a soccer player? Were you put on earth to be a star Continue Reading

The Poker Game of Soccer

soccer motivation-soccer analogy

If soccer were a card game it would be Poker. In Poker you get dealt good hands, bad hands and mediocre hands. Does it matter? For those that haven’t played poker, you can win with any hand and also lose with any hand. It’s totally up to you how you play the hand you’ve been dealt. Soccer is full of players that have been dealt poor hands but through hard work and dedication have graced some of the biggest stadiums in the world. Soccer is also full of losers who drew terrific hands but never Continue Reading

Love Based Soccer: It's Never Too Late

Kids Soccer-Soccer Tips

Coincidence? Matrix? Love Based Soccer? Scratching your head? Refer to my last post, Soccer, Death Valley and the Matrix By now you’ve tried everything haven’t you? You’ve searched endlessly for the latest tricks, tips and searched under every rock for the latest equipment and still managed to fall short. Bet you’re wearing Nike. What happened? Before you drop your shoulders or raise your hands in defeat, think about the underlying message this site spreads. Can you hear it? Do you Continue Reading

Soccer Is A Choice

For those that participate in Soccer and for those parenting future soccer stars, answer this please. What characteristics are needed to play in the World Cup? Okay, okay lets bring it down a notch. What’s needed to land a professional contract? I can see you already shaking your head. I can sense and feel the self-doubt through the monitor. What’s that? Continue Reading

Soccer Success: Just Look Into Their Eyes

Kids that participate in Soccer can be split into two groups. If you were to draw an imaginary line, on the left hand side you would have the kids with determination, the spark and the twinkle in their eyes. On the right, the kids that look sad, lost and wander around kicking loose pebbles off the pitch. When a player looks determined, you can’t help think to yourself, this kids got a chance, he’s going to make it. With determination and a little hunger anything is possible. What about the Continue Reading

Soccer: What Is Impossible?

First and foremost, Happy Easter to everyone, hope you’re having a great day. For those that don’t believe in Christ or aren’t religious, hope you’re having a great day as well. A few minutes ago I read about a man who lived a long time ago. His name was Jesus Christ and is the central figure of Christianity. No I’m not a religious nut, far from it. But have you ever wondered, questioned or even doubted? Do you really believe? Without preaching, a quick synopsis or an executive summary if you Continue Reading

Soccer Success Through Questions, Even When The Answers Hurt

Do you find value in questions? How’s your soccer career going? Is it going well and will you achieve your goals? Do you think you have room for improvements? If you were to pick one area to improve, what would it be? Would you commit to it? Would you even write it down? The path less traveled has been mapped out for you, will you explore it? Why don’t you train? Could it be laziness or fear? Could it be lack of faith or motivation? Do you need a wake up call or a gentle kick in the Continue Reading