Soccer Happiness or Super Heroes

soccer hapiness

Do you ever stop and think… What makes a child happy? I ask this question before training. You can’t help but ask when you see happy, energetic kids followed by the sluggish –shoulders pressed to the ground- defeated children. We all want the same things for our kids… Health, success…to grow up to love and be loved…to chase down their dreams and punch the air in victory. Sitting high on the list…we want our children to be happy. Where do all the happy children come Continue Reading

Kids Soccer: Disappointments and Defeats are Good

We’ve all heard the old catch phrase, “No Pain, No Gain” When children are exposed to gifted players (same age) or high performers they tend to react in two different ways. They can embrace their teammate as being similar to themselves and enjoy the spoils of victory or they can see the skills of the other player as a signal that they are not measuring up. While the first reaction can lead to a positive experience, after all they are winning, the second reaction often leads to better Continue Reading

Soccer Parents: The Future is Now

I was talking on the phone with my best friend the other day and we were talking about life…as you do driving home from work. Our kids, in particular kids soccer was the hot topic and the question of perception versus reality crept into the hands free conversation. I’ve read it and most people preach that your perception is your reality. This shouldn’t be anything new because ultimately what you think, feel or even believe inevitably shapes your reality. Sprinkle a little fear and self doubt Continue Reading

Soccer Tips: Have You Tried the Backyard?


Where does the love of soccer come from? A better question might be, where does the love of sport-any sport- come from? Does it begin at training or during a match? Does it come from the glitz and glam of television or attending packed stadiums? I’d answer a definite NO to all of the above. The love of soccer starts (wait for it) in the backyard or better known as the field of dreams with YOU, mum and dad. Where anything is possible and where the biggest dreams are dreamt. The beauty of the Continue Reading

Soccer Mastermind: For the Love, Not the Money

Soccer Philosophy-Soccer Journey

A friend ask me, “How can you be bothered writing, do you make any money? At first it seemed arrogant, even odd. How dare him, as angry, defensive thoughts trickled down my spine. Funny thing is this, when I write there are no hidden agendas. I’m not aware of time or the money it costs me to host this site. Time flies when you’re having fun, rings true in this case. Writing, thinking and even researching becomes easy, even during the late nights when the midnight candle burns. Do you know Continue Reading

Soccer, Death Valley and the Matrix

Soccer Discipline-Soccer for Kids

“I must be doing something wrong!” you sigh while watching the television. A part of you wants to give up and your child doesn’t seem to listen. You want to go to bed but the thought of your child quitting continues to haunt you. There you are, scratching your head, hoping for the answer to magically appear, but it never does. Somewhere inside your child is the answer that you’ll need to figure out. Some people might frown and label you “pushy” or too demanding. Your child is already doing Continue Reading