Youth Soccer, Sugar Coating and the Self-Esteem

Youth Soccer- Soccer Lies

So many, loving, but misguided soccer parents have fed many souls to the status quo. Over protective and too demanding are two great ways to destroy your child’s self esteem. Courtesy of some psychology literature that was written in the late 70’s. After blowing some old dust from this little gem, I continued to read [...]

Soccer Advice: Don’t Worry, Just Panic

Soccer Advice- Pre Match Nerves

It’s half an hour before the biggest game of the season and you start to feel nervous. What do you do? If you don’t know what to do, and you’re scared, might as well panic. Will this help? Getting scared, fearing the worst, mismanaging your imagination seems to be the first rule of being a [...]

Soccer Tips: Don’t Listen To Your Coach And Destroy Your Fears

Soccer Tips-Soccer Fear

Coaches mean well when they say, “Don’t worry, there is nothing to be afraid of it’s all in your head.” This kind of encouragement helps for a split second but does nothing to conquer our fears. Let’s be honest, both you and I know this kind of encouragement doesn’t really work. Those soothing words from [...]

Soccer Performance- Are You The Big Fish In The Small Pond?

Soccer Performance- Soccer Competitiveness

Soccer provides a platform of duality which makes it both challenging and amusing. The world we live in today is full of duality, you cannot escape it. You can’t have good without bad, you can’t have rich without poor and you definitely can’t have winning without losing. Soccer like any other sport has a positive [...]

Soccer Tips- How To Become A Jedi Knight?

Soccer Psychology- Mental Soccer Training.

The best players in the world make mistakes, miss penalties and get sent off. The most gifted players have a strong grip on the fundamentals of soccer and possess super human skills. But all this counts for nothing if they cannot handle pressure. If they have mental, emotional and lifestyle issues these will inevitably cripple [...]