The Great Soccer Debate

Kids Soccer: The great soccer debate

Most parents ask the question, “At what age should kids start playing soccer?” When is the best time to start playing soccer? When is it time to start getting serious about the game? Hmmm. The best time to start is when your parents can afford it. The best time to start is when you’ve finished your homework. The best time to start is when you’re a little bit older. The best time to start is when you’re a little taller, stronger and wiser. The best time to start is when you grab the Continue Reading

Soccer Pre-Season: The Baptism Of Fire

It's 6.00 am and you're roused from sleep with blisters and sore legs. Have you experienced this? Do you know what I'm talking about? Let me give you some more clues. The heat hangs in the morning air and the day is ready to begin with the rising sun. You grab your runners and wake up your roommate along with 25 other guys. The smell of pain is in the air while the faces of your teammates paints a picture of misery. The coach takes a head count and everyone's here. No one has escaped and you Continue Reading

Soccer Drills: Moving Targets

Soccer Drills- Moving Targets Purpose: Warm Up Routine No of Players: 2 Teams of 6-8 players. Playing Area: Penalty box extended sideways to touchlines. Duration: Up to 20 minutes. Outline: One team tries to score points by hitting an opponent with the ball without losing possession. The other team tries to gain possession. One point is scored for every opponent hit. Continue Reading

Soccer Training: Always Keep Your Soccer Sessions Structured

Soccer training should be structured and based around the age of your players, the abilities of your players and the stage of your soccer season. Factors like facilities and the weather also play a part in determining your training session. Although certain factors may alter your sessions, the generic formula is the same all over the world. The generic formula used for soccer is simple, it involves The introduction and the warm up. The coach should spend a little time with his team and Continue Reading

The Soccer Coach- Don't Lose Your Balls.

When designing a training session, the coach must create a training session that is specific to the sport. The design of the activities should replicate the demands of soccer on match day. If this replication is missing then the transfer of learning from training to the game is not optimal. I've seen many training sessions over the years and even been a part of some terrible ones myself that teach bad habits. When practicing shooting, it is common for a coach to set up the station just outside Continue Reading

Soccer Conditioning- The Fitness Requirements Of Soccer Part 2.

Soccer performance these days depends upon a wide range of factors such as skill level, teamwork, nutrition and psychology. But the most important factor and the one that separates the elite from the rest of the world is soccer conditioning. We talked about how modern players are bigger, stronger and fitter and how this is accomplished through scientific based conditioning methods. Soccer fitness requires the development of speed, strength, power, agility and endurance. Continue Reading

Soccer Training: How Often Should I Train?

This question is too vague and too generic to answer on its own. Different variables and different situations call for different schedules and different levels of participation. Answers will differ between professional players and amateurs as will the answers for kids and adults. The number of times you attend training is not an indication of your development. Whether it’s once, twice, or three times it doesn’t compare to the quality of training. Have you ever heard the saying “quality over Continue Reading